Lingqian stared at the photo for a while, then walked to the phone in the back room. After a while, she came back and said, “I want to adjust my bid. This is indeed an incomplete demon corpse. We The price is 70,000.”
Did she know? It seems that I asked someone else.
The fat man and I looked at each other, and both of us understood the meaning in each other’s eyes. I took out the demon pill, the black stone, from my pocket. As soon as this thing comes out. Mr. Tang finally smiled, while Lingqian stared at the black stone.
“If you add this demon pill, how much will you pay?”
I asked.
However, Lingqian and Mr. Tang didn’t say anything. They seemed to be estimating the minimum price they could offer. At this moment, the fat man suddenly said: “You can observe this demon pill carefully, but since we are sellers, we may have to change it according to the rules.”
/“How to change it?”
Lingqian asked.
“The two of you wrote the prices on the paper respectively. You only have one chance to bid, and the one with the highest price gets it.”
What’s the matter with the fat man? We were initially planning to have a big shopping spree between Mr. Tang and the Ling family. But if he does this, won’t the meaning of bidding be gone?
“Interesting, yes.”
This was a good thing for Lingqian and Mr. Tang, so they naturally agreed. Then he took the demon pill in my hand and observed it. After confirming that it was genuine, he took the paper and prepared to write down his own price”Fat man, what are you doing?”
I pulled the fat man and asked.
“Don’t worry. The price will be higher than we expected. I know it.”
The fat man who made the unexpected move seemed to be acting randomly, but he was not such an unreliable person. His confident look made me think that he Maybe I really have something in mind.
Half an hour later. Two pieces of paper were covered on the table, and the fat man said with a smile: “Please open the papers in your hands and announce your prices.”
Lingqian was the first to open it, and she turned the paper over. It said 250,000 yuan. This price almost made my heart skip a beat! Two hundred and fifty thousand is a huge amount of money! Originally, I thought it would be good to sell it for 150,000, but now the price has actually increased by 100,000.
Lingqian snorted disdainfully. Obviously they look down on our poor appearance. For a big family like the Ling family, getting hundreds of thousands is not a problem, but for ordinary people like us. Two hundred and fifty thousand is like a dream.
The fat man was very calm and said to Mr. Tang: “Please make an offer.”
Mr. Tang turned the white paper over little by little, and there was three hundred thousand written on it. This number came into my eyes, and this time my heart really beat. A beat slower. Three hundred thousand, an ordinary worker earns about ten thousand a year, which is very high. Three hundred thousand is equivalent to more than the salary of an ordinary worker in thirty years.
A demon is equivalen