hometown anymore.

hometown anymore.
“Brother Yong, you don’t have a wife or children?” the
fat man asked.
“Hey, it happened in the past, but it’s gone now. Something happened a few years ago, and my wife, children, and children were all in trouble. I was the only one alive. In fact, I didn’t want to go home. The house was empty. I just had a thought in my heart. I think I always feel tired after wandering outside for a long time.”
He said and drank another drink.
I touched my stomach and said, “I’m going to relieve myself.”
/The toilet of Jufu Restaurant is next to the kitchen at the back, facing the yard outside. I was halfway through relieving myself when I suddenly heard movement outside the wall. Then he leaned up and took a look. There were several dead sparrows on the ground. This was not a strange thing, but he saw a black shadow suddenly passing over the sparrows. I rubbed my eyes. The black shadow I just saw was probably not my eyesight. There seemed to be something behind Jufu Restaurant.
I walked to the back alley with a cigarette in my mouth. The light bulbs hanging on the walls didn’t illuminate a very far distance. There were a few dead sparrows scattered on the ground. After playing with them a few times, the sparrows in front of me were all dead. But the death was very strange, and there was no sign of being attacked by a wild cat or other small beast.
I lifted one of the sparrows up and looked at it under the light. Under the light, I could vaguely see a faint reflection. With a gentle pull of his fingers, he actually pulled out a needle from the sparrow’s chest.
“How could it be a needle?”
I said to myself curiously, but at this moment, there was a sudden “whoosh” sound in my ear, and then there was pain in the earlobe. When I reached out and touched it, my earlobe was hit by a needle, and a few drops of blood flowed down my eardrum.
was heard several times in a row, hitting the ground in front of me. One of them even grazed my shoulder. I hurriedly hid in the doorway next to the alley, not daring to poke my head out.
Earlier, I heard that there are masters in the circle who can kill people with silver needles, and there are people who practice all kinds of strange kung fu. When used properly, silver needles are more effective than flying knives, with fast speed and low resistance. And it’s not easy to detect.
These sparrows that were shot down were probably a trap, just to lure me out to check. Only the place where I was standing in the entire alley was lit, making it a perfect target.
But the opponent could kill a sparrow but failed to hit me with several consecutive shots. This is a bit strange to think about.
Hiding in the doorway, in the darkness, he shouted out: “Friends outside, which way are you from? Why do you attack without saying hello? It’s so unkind.”
“This matter about Yuhou, it’s up to you and your people Don’t interfere again. This time is just a warning. If you interfere again, I’ll shoot you in the head next time.”
There was a reply from the darkness on