ion he dodges, golden light seems to be sweeping towards him.

ion he dodges, golden light seems to be sweeping towards him.
There is no way to avoid it!
Even with his huge Yuan Shen sense, he couldn’t distinguish between true and false within a short period of time.
Within the Earth Emperor’s Path-Opening Map, the power of seeing mountains as mountains and thinking of water as water is too overbearing.
But Kunpeng Ancestor is rich in experience after all.
He knew that only one or two of the real killing moves contained in this golden light could cause harm to him.
As long as he moves fast enough, these killing moves will always be difficult to catch up with him.
And he can also take advantage of the opportunity to directly tear apart the space and leave this place.
But at this moment, an earth-shattering loud noise came from above.
A figure that was moving at extremely fast speeds was instantly punched out from the depths of dimensional time and space.
Ancestor Kunpeng’s spiritual light was shattered all over his body, and he stared at the innate spiritual treasures falling around him. His eyes were filled with shock.
At this moment, what he could see with his eyes was that the bodies of the innate spiritual treasures were covered with broken lines.
This terrifying blow actually directly hurt the root.
Bang bang bang! !
And at the next moment, dozens of strange noises sounded like firecrackers exploding all over him.
Several streams of blood mist burst out from where he made strange noises.
At this moment, countless bones in his body were broken, and his whole body was stained with blood.
Even the consciousness of Yuan Shen has been numbed, as if suppressed by the terrifying divine power, and will be difficult to recover in a short time.
/“Innate treasure?”
His eyes were a little gloomy, and there was even a sense of shock and anger.
“Open it to me!”
Layers of Primordial Divine Light emerged all over his body, instantly integrating into all the apertures around him. Within a short time, his true body was restored, and his whole body’s Qi was faintly improved to the next level.
He even saw countless dark green divine lights erupting from his body, rushing violently to the surroundings, violently turning into an extremely bright divine light, and instantly tearing apart the majestic world realm formed by the Earth Emperor’s Dao Dao Diagram.
Above the void, his true body instantly re-condensed and manifested.
On the spot, the Earth Emperor’s Path-Opening Diagram turned into a stream of light and fell into the sleeves of Zhang Jian’s robe. His eyes stared at the ancestor Kunpeng in the distance with some surprise.
At this moment, he couldn’t help but think to himself.
“He is worthy of being born in the same era as all the ancestors!”
After enduring the blow of the innate treasure, the Emperor’s Seal, Kunpeng Ancestor was able to forcefully break away from the shackles of the Earth Emperor’s Dao-Providing Diagram. It is indeed extraordinary.
However, after enduring the blow from the innate treasure, Kunpeng Ancestor wa