he would definitely be surprised, because this person is still an old acquaintance of ours, and he turned out to be Li Dunzhu.

he would definitely be surprised, because this person is still an old acquaintance of ours, and he turned out to be Li Dunzhu.
In the early days, Li Dunzhu was our best friend. Later, due to different ideas and some conflicts during the treasure hunt, we parted ways and fought with each other several times. Later, during the massacre on the demon island in the sea, Li Dunzhu escaped by chance and climbed the big tree in No. 507 from then on. After working around for a few years, with his ability, he has now become a middle-level cadre in No. 507 Institute, which can be regarded as an achievement.
Each of the three people brought their own troops. In fact, all three people understood that the so-called cooperation was only because of common interests. If this layer was missing, the three parties would still be enemies.
So the three people are friendly on the surface, but in fact they are secretly scheming.
“This meeting is very important, and we have been told many times that it must be held well. I think security issues are the top priority, and now we have a three-party alliance. But secretly there are many people who don’t like us, and maybe there will be others They are causing trouble in secret. So I propose that the security issue be shared by all three of us,” Li Dunzhu said.
The woman didn’t say much, just nodded slightly.
“What’s the attitude of the Haotian family? Do you agree?” Li Dunzhu asked looking at the secretary sitting opposite.
The secretary pushed up his glasses and said, “I wonder if you have heard of a rumor in the world recently.”
“Rumor? What rumor?” Li Dunzhu asked curiously.
“A rumor about the resurrection of the dead.”
/“The resurrection of the dead? Haha, this kind of ridiculous gossip is spread every day. Would the secretary of the dignified Haotian family believe such a thing?” Li Dunzhu was inappropriate. He smiled seriously.
“Perhaps such rumors happen every day, but not many of them reach my ears.” The secretary did not stop the topic because of Li Dunzhu’s words. On the contrary, he continued, “This rumor is about people in a circle. The person who died long ago is still alive and still has a relationship with you. He is your old friend.”
As soon as these words came out, the contemptuous smile on Li Dunzhu’s face disappeared in an instant, and he immediately stared at the secretary in front of him. Said: “Are you talking about him?”
“Haha. It seems you understand. Let me tell you straight. Half a month ago, I received news that someone saw a mysterious master making moves during the demonic trouble in Xi’an. . The troublemaker was wiped out with just one move. The person who saw him reported that there was a purple star shining on him when he appeared. Such a scene was not weak. It’s strange.”
As soon as the secretary finished speaking, Li Dunzhu immediately shouted: “That’s ridiculous, is the purple star the Ziweixing? Does that mean he’s back? He didn’t see the real face. It’s impossible to confirm that it’s him!”
/The secretary didn’t seem to expect that